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Every medical procedure has risks regardless of how small or routine the surgery. Even the most experienced and cautious surgeons can make negligent mistakes. Every effort to ensure their patients’ safety should be a doctor’s top priority. When surgical errors happen that result in unnecessary injury, or catastrophic death due to human error, the surgeon, physician or medical professional may be held accountable financially for their errors. Insurance companies who represent doctors will evaluate the risk to reward ratio to either go to trial, or simply settle if the case is strong for the hurt party. Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC is a surgical mistakes and complications lawsuit lawyer you can trust to take care of your medical malpractice claim within New Jersey.

Were you Injured by a Medical Surgery Procedure Gone Wrong?

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Surgery Errors can lead to Malpractice Claims

Different types of dangerous surgical errors

A study conducted in the department of John Hopkins University in 2016 found that an estimated 250,000 people die due to medical errors every year. A portion of these happen within the operating rooms because of surgical errors and resulting complications. The consequences of surgical errors can be catastrophic to the patient who placed their body and life in the surgeon’s hands. The most common surgical mistakes and complications that may cause death or injury are:

  • Anesthesia errors – dosage, negligence in monitoring patient
  • The wrong site – surgery in the incorrect body part
  • Unskillful procedure – following an improper procedure
  • Surgery performed on the wrong patient 
  • Foreign objects left inside patient
  • Injuries to the nervous system or other types result from wrong surgical procedures
  • Infections resulted from carelessness

While there are risks involved with surgical procedures that patients should be able to accept prior to undergoing the procedure, surgeons and medical professionals remain accountable in the event that they commit mistakes, big or small. Even though these legal matters are complicated, lawsuits based on surgical errors may benefit the victim and their families by providing an amount of money required to cover medical expenses and income loss in addition to suffering and pain. In addition, medical negligence claims can help make medical professionals accountable for their mistakes in order to avoid further injury to other patients by unskilled doctors or hospitals.

If you’ve lost your loved ones due to a mistake made during surgery or were injured due to mistakes made by the hospital, please contact our office via Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC located in NJ, New York or Pennsylvania for an appointment. We will review the medical malpractice claim you have filed and provide you with the legal options available to seek monetary compensation.


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