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Injured during a Shuttle or Limo Ride?

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Accidents can happen during Private Transportation

Accidents involving private transport that cause injury to a person

Many individuals choose to employ transportation services for special occasions or shuttles to the airport, as well as daily uses. Taxis, town cars, shuttles and limousines are examples of private transport services available to hire. The companies as well as their employees are accountable to ensure a safe ride for passengers. If they cause a collision, the company could be held accountable for any damage. If you are in need of an individual transportation accident attorney located in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania, you can count on the team at Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC.

Drivers of taxi, limo and shuttle services must be thoroughly vetted and educated by their employer. They must be defensive drivers who abide by the laws of the road and take every safety precaution when transporting passengers. When a private accident occurs as a result of carelessness on the part of the driver, it’s the driver’s employer that is accountable to pay for injuries which happen to the passengers inside the vehicle.

Limo, Taxi and Shuttle Accidental Damages to Passengers

If you suffer injuries during a ride in a limo taxi or shuttle you may be eligible to get retribution for the injuries you sustained from responsible parties. Because you weren’t driving, it’s unlikely that you’ll incur liability in the accident. But, these kinds of injury accidents can be complicated and can involve more than one person who is accountable. The driver and a private transport company may be responsible as well as any other motorists involved in the accident could also be responsible for the injuries you sustained. You require a thorough personal injury lawyer who will study and analyze the details of the incident to help you determine the best avenues to seek the compensation you deserve in the event of injuries.

If you are in need of an individual transportation accident injury attorney within the New Jersey area, contact us at Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC. We’ll talk about your situation and provide legal guidance regarding how to proceed. If we decide to take your case, we’ll be determined to obtain the highest amount of compensation to pay the cost of medical bills as well as lost wages and other costs. Call us now if you live in NJ, NY, or PA; our office is ready to schedule a no-cost consultation with our lawyers.


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