New Jersey Pedestrian and Bicycle Personal Injury Lawyer

Pedestrian or Bicycle Lawyer

Vehicles pose a serious risk to pedestrians or those riding bikes. Drivers who are reckless or negligent can cause serious injuries and deaths to pedestrians while on foot or riding bicycles. If you’re injured due to a negligent motorist on the road, you are entitled to claim compensation for the injuries you sustained. If you require a personal injury attorney experienced with distracted drivers and pedestrian accidents, Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC is the best source of legal counsel for legal assistance in New Jersey.

New Jersey Pedestrian Hit by Vehicle Personal Injury Lawyer

Injured while walking or bicycling from a Car or Truck?

Bicyclists and pedestrians are at the mercy of drivers whenever they have to access the same roads,  parking areas, and other areas of transportation. There are laws in place to safeguard the vulnerable from injuries caused from motorists driving vehicles, trucks, and motorcycles. If the driver is drunk, distracted, speeding, texting or otherwise not paying attention and strikes a pedestrian or cyclist, they could be held accountable to any injury or deaths that occur.

Did You Get injured while walking or biking?

The law in New Jersey, if a car accident results in injuries or damages, more than one person is possible to be at fault. This can be the case in cyclist and pedestrian accidents, as in motor vehicle accidents. If the pedestrian “jaywalks” when they are struck by a vehicle it is possible that they are partially or entirely at fault for the incident. If the driver was texting, driving or was otherwise reckless it is possible to be held responsible if they have at least 50% accountable for the incident.

If you’ve been struck by a car while cycling or walking on a roadway and suffered serious injuries, there’s an opportunity to claim financial compensation. Most of the time, drivers are responsible, if not entirely responsible for the injuries sustained by pedestrians and cyclists in accidents.

The injuries sustained by cyclists or pedestrian-related accidents could be severe and life-threatening. If you’ve been negligently struck by a vehicle while cycling or walking in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania, contact us today at Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC. We provide no-cost consultations for you to discuss your claim. If we are able to handle your case, we’ll be adamant in obtaining compensation for your injuries as well as costs.


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