New Jersey Overloaded Trucks Accident Personal Injury Lawyer

Overloaded Trucks Accident Lawyer

Being able to adhere to weight restrictions and balance requirements is crucial for commercial trucks with large capacities. Because of their size, height and capacity to carry heavy items, the need to adhere to the safest loading procedures is essential to minimize the chance of tipping or exceeding legal weight limits. Overloaded trucks are more difficult to stop and control, they also are unbalanced, and are more susceptible to accidents involving rollovers. If you’ve suffered injuries in New Jersey by an overloaded truck accident, the injury legal team at Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC will examine your case in the offices of our firm located in NJ, New York, and Pennsylvania.

New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucking Accidents can cause serious Injury and Death

Commercial trucks, specifically semi-trucks or tractor trailers can weigh up to 90,000 pounds once loaded. To keep their performance optimal, massive trucks must be loaded with care in order to ensure that there’s no excess weight on either side , or the load stacks aren’t over the top. Commercial trucks also need to comply with weight limits and there are weigh stations along interstate highways that check the weights and ensure that drivers remain within the weight limits. But, truck drivers and the businesses they represent are able to circumvent the system and overload their vehicles in order to increase profits, risking the safety of others on the roads with them.

NJ Turnpike and Parkway Overloaded Truck Accidents

New Jersey has thousands of miles of highways, including highways like the Turnpike, Parkway, and bridges that are filled with massive commercial trucks. Even though there is no doubt that the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles is active in its efforts to keep track of the weights of commercial trucks and other safety issues, they are not able to detect every truck that is unintentionally loaded or overloaded. The massive loads could cause a lack of control for these vehicles, and could cause tragic injuries and fatal accidents that could have been avoided.

If a trucker or the business they work for recklessly overloaded a tractor trailer and creates an accident that causes injury and fatal catastrophic injuries, they must be held accountable for the injuries. The personal injury attorneys at Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC are well-versed in New Jersey and federal trucking laws that relate to safety regulations. If you’ve suffered injuries or lost a family member due to an accident involving a truck that was overloaded call us 1-855-887-5297, located in NJ, NY, or PA to talk to our team of lawyers. You could be entitled to a substantial amount of compensation for the suffering and pain that you’ve dealt with as a consequence of a negligent truck or trailer accident.


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