New Jersey Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse Personal Injury Attorney

Has a Loved one Suffered Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse?

New Jersey Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse Personal Injury Attorney

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Nursing homes and long-term facilities are responsible for the care of our loved ones who require full-time medical treatment and support. If it’s an older patient that will require 24/7 care for the remainder of their lives or recovering from an injury such as a stroke, nursing homes are required to provide the best care and protect their patients from abuse. If you are the parent of a person who has suffered harm in a long-term care center within New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania and you require a skilled nursing facility neglect or abuse lawyer call: 1-855-887-5297

Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC has been practicing personal injury law in New Jersey for over 20 years. We have a legal group that is committed to pursuing justice for those injured or catastrophic loss of a loved one due to carelessness of staff or premise liability. One of the most disgusting kinds in personal injury cases concern nursing homes that fail to adhere to an adequate standard of care and abuse patients. It is not a pleasant thought to think that a loved one could be further disabled or has been savagely neglected and even maliciously abused. However, such cases can happen. Our legal team will advocate for an end to the injustice of your family member . We will get the maximum compensation from the nursing home in the event that you have a nursing facility neglect or abuse case.

Kinds of Nursing Home Abuse or neglect injuries

There are a myriad of reasons why nursing home neglect and abuse incidents occur however none of them excuses the results. A lot of nursing homes are understaffed, leading to inadequate treatment for the residents. Additionally bad hiring practices could result in abusive or negligent staff who disregard the needs of their patients. In addition, training issues can lead to dangerous procedures. Whatever the reason, unacceptable negligence and abuse incidents at nursing homes such as: malnutrition, bedsores, or bodily injuries need to be investigated.

There is no reason for anyone to be mistreated or neglected in a medical care environment. If you are a child of a loved one who has been victimized by carelessness or abuse in the nursing home in New Jersey, contact our friendly lawyer team today by calling Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC. We are happy to examine the nursing home injuries case in a no-cost consultation at the offices of our firm: NJ, NY, PA.


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