New Jersey Hit and Run Accident Personal Injury Lawyer

Hit and Run Accident Injury Lawsuit Lawyer

If a hit-and-run injury accident happens and the victim is injured, they are harmed twice by the driver who is at fault. In the first instance, the driver is responsible for the accident and then leaves the scene in order to avoid being accountable to their own actions. Although accidents involving hit and runs can be frustrating and unfair for those injured, there are alternatives to seek damages in the form of financial compensation or even a catastrophic death. If you are in need of a seasoned hit and run lawyer for your injury lawsuit, our staff at Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC located in New Jersey, handles these emotional and difficult cases.

New Jersey Hit and Run Personal Injury Lawyer

Injured by a Hit and Run Driver?

How can you find a driver liable in the event of an injury accident, when they vanish after the incident? The first step is to locate the driver. The police will investigate the driver for illegal conduct, and some investigation or eyewitness testimony could identify the perpetrator. Inquiring witnesses into their accounts and collecting footage of any kind can help in finding the driver. When the suspect is located or arrested, you may take on a hit-and-run injury suit against the responsible party.

The Hit and Run Lawsuit on Insurance

In certain cases there are instances where the driver who was at fault cannot be identified. In this case you might have to sue your own insurance company to recover an amount of compensation. Even when you were walking or riding a bicycle when you suffered injuries in a hit-and-run accident, your auto insurance could be able to cover the injuries. To receive the amount you are due for the injuries you sustained, you could require legal help to challenge the insurance company for reimbursement of your medical costs.

Accidents involving injuries from hit and run can be difficult and inequitable to the person who was injured. If you’ve been injured or lost someone you love in a crash and run collision that occurred in New Jersey, an experienced personal injury lawyer will help you consider the legal options. Reach out to Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC with offices in NJ, New York and Pennsylvania and we’ll discuss your situation and provide you with legal advice. If we are handling your hit and run accident our team will work for you to obtain the money you deserve for the injuries you sustained.


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