New Jersey Cell Phones & Texting Distractions Accident Injury Lawyer

Injured by a Driver on their Cell Cell Phone or Texting?

Texting on cell phones and other distractions can cause injury to an accident. Lawyer

Distracted driving can be described as any action that interferes with your visual control, physical control or your cognitive focus while you are driving. Texting or talking on a mobile phone can do all three simultaneously which can increase the likelihood that you will be involved in an accident. If you’re injured in an auto crash due to a motorist distracted by their phone or any other mobile device, then you may be eligible to pursue a legal action for injury against the driver. Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC is the best source for personal injury lawyers experienced in texting, cell phones and other distractions causing injuries throughout New Jersey.

New Jersey Cell Phones Texting Distractions Accident Injury Lawyer

Texting or Distracted Drivers Can Cause Injury or Death

Mobile devices, such as cellphones, have become an extreme distraction for drivers. Although there are laws and ongoing public awareness campaigns to counter the dangers of distracted driving, many drivers prefer to text or use their mobile smartphones or any other devices when driving. It’s only a matter of time, if using a mobile phone to let a hand go off the steering wheel, or take your eyes away from the road. In that instant the car in front of the driver may apply their brakes or a pedestrian may attempt to cross the street. If a person is distracted by texting or using their cell phone, and this results in an accident that causes injury, the person could be held accountable for any damages.

Did You Get Injured by a Driver who was using a mobile Phone?

For New Jersey, the law makes use of “comparative blame” to determine who is responsible or accountable for auto collisions. This means more than one person could be responsible. In the event that a driver who was using their phone hit you and was entirely responsible, or you were both partially responsible, it is possible to pursue financial legal compensation. Our legal team is encouraging anyone injured in an accident by distracted driving (cars or trucks) to call us to receive free legal assistance especially when the driver was using their phone, texting or generally distracted.

A driver who is on their phone but not paying attention to the road and the people around them is a risk to all law abiding citizens. If you’ve been maimed or even lost your loved ones due to the driver distracted texting or talking on the phone, get in touch with our expert lawyers at Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC; offices in NJ, New York, and Pennsylvania to make an appointment. You could be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries or loss that is catastrophic.


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