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Injured on a Balcony, Deck or Stairway?

New Jersey Balcony Deck Stairs Personal Injury Attorney

Injury Lawyers can help in Balcony, Deck, or Stairs Accidents

Balcony or deck collapses and causes injury Lawyer

Decks and balconies can be the perfect addition to any business or home, providing an outdoor space to relax or simply entertain guests and friends. Height is a factor. Balconies and decks can be several stories above the ground and it is essential to ensure the structures are constructed to ensure safety and best practices. If a deck or balcony fails, serious injuries or even death can result. If you’ve been injured because of a dangerous deck or property liability within New Jersey, Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC is a deck collapse or balcony injury lawyer who will handle your case.

The property owners are responsible to ensure their homes and businesses are secure for visitors or customers. This includes the structures of their buildings such as guard rails, stairways as well as balconies, decks and their property in general. If a deck or balcony collapses, the owner of the property could be held accountable in the event of any injury or catastrophic death occurring. They are responsible to ensure the safety of their structure. If the balcony or deck was damaged or overloaded, or was not regularly checked for damage, they could be found liable, and have to pay medical bills, loss of income, or any other expenses resulting from injuries, typically by way of their insurance policy.

Can contractors be held accountable for unsafe decks?

In some instances there are cases where the owner of the property at the time of a balcony or deck collapse accident may be the victim of poor work. If the balcony or deck was constructed by a contractor who did not adhere to building and safety requirements, the contractor may have to share the responsibility with the owner of the property for any injuries. These situations can be complicated. It is crucial to find a skilled personal injury lawyer by your side to examine your claim and seek out settlement from all parties responsible if you are injured on someone else’s property.

A balcony or deck collapse can be a life altering accident causing grave injuries or even death. If you’ve suffered the unfortunate experience of a deck collapse or balcony accident that happened within New Jersey, contact us at Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC. We’ll schedule a no-cost appointment to talk about your injury premise liability case in our offices within NJ, NY or PA.


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