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Things to Remember about Slip and Fall Injuries Sustained

Mar 11, 2016 @ 14 : 26 pm

Nothing elicits more smiles than the thought of the winter holiday season. Whether young or old, the thoughts of crisp weather, warm cider and family gatherings can make anybody forget about the impending sub-zero temperatures (with the exceptions of those true-to-life Grinches, that is). And, while many love the experience of traipsing from one store to another in the search for the perfect gifts, the potential for ecstatically surprised facial expressions on loved ones even makes up for those numerous shopping trips that the rest of us rarely look forward to. The holiday spirit comes alive in shopping districts unlike anywhere else – everybody is in the giving mood and looking forward to getting lost in those idyllic family moments that imprint themselves in our memories for years to come.

However, if you’re involved in a slip and fall accident on snow or ice while out shopping, don’t let the overwhelming holiday cheer and giving mood take over your senses. Sure, many slips on ice only amount to a bump, bruise or sore landing area, but they can also result in serious injuries that can lead to significant expenses and missed work, as well as physical pain and emotional suffering. We’re talking about those slip and falls on commercial properties that leave you with broken bones, lacerations, spinal injuries or traumatic brain injuries.

Your Rights to Safety

In general, commercial property owners have a duty to provide anybody who enters onto their premises with certain protections, the most basic of which includes keeping said premises safe. This includes providing warnings of dangerous conditions that the business invitee may not be aware of, and conducting reasonable inspections of the property for dangerous conditions, as well as remedying any that are found. Therefore, property owners and business owners can be held liable for personal injuries sustained due to a slip and fall on the premises if they knew about a dangerous condition, did not remedy it or warn about it, and it was the actual or proximate cause of an accident that resulted in injuries.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

So, if you’ve been involved in a slip and fall accident while out shopping for presents, and suffered a substantial injury, how do you go about receiving just compensation for your pain and suffering? Simply put, you don’t. Not alone, that is. There are a plethora of deciding factors that go into whether you have a case, and then in proving such a case. Not to mention the differing laws and regulations that are involved, depending on the state and actual location of the accident and personal injury.

Speaking about the Different Laws

Still think it’s easy to prove your case just because you slipped and fell on a patch of ice in front of a Philadelphia storefront? Consider this: Pennsylvania’s Hills and Ridges doctrine establishes that a property owner is not liable for falls that are due to generally slippery conditions, as the requirement to keep walkways continually free of ice and snow is considered impossible given the region’s climatic conditions.

What about neighboring New Jersey, you may ask? While the state’s laws have different requirements, they also impose a time limitation of two years from the date of your injury. So, if you choose to accumulate all of your medical bills before filing, or want to work with the responsible party, their insurance provider and adjusters, you may be run out of time.

It’s for those above reasons, and much more, that it is highly recommended that you consult with a personal injury lawyer from Bucks County, Philadelphia, New Jersey or wherever else the slip and fall may have occurred.

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