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The 5 Most Common Employee Rights Violations

Jun 2, 2022 @ 16 : 44 pm

1. Failure to pay wages – This may include wage theft, failure to pay minimum wage or overtime compensation, unlawful deductions from wages, tip theft, misappropriated service charges. Time shaving and off-the-clock practices (not paying workers for all time worked).

2. Discrimination – Federal and state law prohibits employers from discriminating against employees based upon sex, age, pregnancy, religion, national origin, disability status, military affiliation, bankruptcy, and citizen status and other protected characteristics. The failure to hire, receive bonuses or promotions and unlawful terminations can be forms of workplace discrimination.

3. Harassment – Workplace harassment is defined as unwelcome actions, communication, or behavior that mocks, demeans, scorns, or ridicules, an employee because of a protected characteristic such as sex, age, disability, race or other protected characteristics.

4. Retaliation – Federal and state law prohibits employers from retaliating against employees who complain about workplace activity such as discrimination, harassment or failure to pay wages. The failure to hire, receive bonuses or promotions and unlawful terminations can be forms of workplace retaliation.

5. Safety and Fraud Issues – Employers generally cannot retaliate against employees who engage in whistleblower or activities relating to fraud and other violations of laws. Employers also have a legal obligation to provide a safe workplace and follow OSHA regulations.

To our valued clients:

If you have a problem at work, Vlasac & Shmaruk handles labor and employment matters for employees. We are committed to zealously representing our clients relating to all issues involving employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. We also handle claims related to unpaid or improperly paid wages, commissions and bonuses. If your employer has failed to pay you properly, our attorneys can help you get paid properly. Some of the common wage and hour issues we address for our clients include being misclassified as an independent contractor, being misclassified as exempt from overtime, being forced to work off the clock, or not having commissions included as part of your overtime pay.

If you have questions about any of these employment issues, please give us a call. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced and knowledgeable employment attorneys.

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