How it works?

1. Request FREE Consultation

When you schedule a free consultation with Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC, you will be impressed with our ability to communicate thoroughly with you regarding all aspects of your case and how the law applies to each one. Our multilingual law firm will be a pleasure to communicate with, also, since the goal is that no one ever goes away feeling misunderstood. Contact Vlasac & Shmaruk, LLC, today to find out just how confident excellent construction accident attorneys can make you feel.  We have office locations throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

2. Begin Due Diligence

After the decision has been made to retain the firm you will sign a retainer agreement for the firm. Once the retainer is signed and dated we will begin investigation into your matter to establish the facts of the case. Once the facts of the case are determined through an extremely thorough investigation of facts we will have an expert attest to the fact that there is or are not grounds for legal proceeding.

3. Case Fight

Once we have all of the information we need together, we will fight for you. We will start off with the insurance company, trying to see if they will settle your case and ultimately keeping your costs down. However, should any number not be agreeable with you or the firm, we will file suit for you in the Superior Court. We will fight for you through every step of the process, keeping your mind at ease and keeping you informed of any progress. We will NEVER stop fighting for you until you are pleased with the results, whether this means settlement or trial. We want you to be properly compensated for any injury that has changed your life completely. Ultimately, we work for you.